LES began at MCAS El Toro in 1990. An initial team of 12 facilitators instituted the program, which was patterned after a course of commanders’ spouses offered at Ft. Leavenworth by the Army. At that time, LES was referred to as the Command Team Seminar.


A few years later, Headquarters Marine Corps adopted the curriculum for the Spouses’ Workshop of the Commanders’ Course held at Quantico. Meanwhile, the volunteers at El Toro redesigned the course and offered it to a wider audience, targeting spouses of officer and enlisted Marine and Sailors, which resulted in the emergence of LES. After the units from El Toro were relocated in 1998, Marine Corps Community Services and MCB, Camp Pendleton provided a new home for LES.

LES Camp Pendleton P.O. Box 35 Oceanside, CA 92049